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  Free To Grow
  Mailman School
  of Public Health
  Columbia University
  722 West 168th Street,
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NOTE: as of April 17, 2007, the Free to Grow program has closed.

National Program Office Staff Directory

Judith E. Jones

Judith E. Jones is a Clinical Professor at the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University and Director of the National Program Office of Free To Grow: Head Start Partnerships to Promote Substance-free Communities. She recently served as Senior Advisor to Carnegie Corporation for the Starting Points' State and Community Partnerships for Young Children grants program. Professor Jones is the founding director of the National Center for Children in Poverty established in 1989 at Columbia University, with major support provided by the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. She previously served as Deputy Director of the Center for Population and Family Health, where she developed and managed a broad range of innovative programs using community resources and preventive health strategies to provide access to needed health care for underserved low-income women, adolescents and young children.

Lori Levine
Deputy Director

Lori Levine currently serves as Deputy Director of the National Program Office of Free To Grow: Head Start Partnerships to Promote Substance-free Communities at the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University. Over the course of her career, Ms. Levine has created and managed preventive health programs in a variety of environments, including community-based prevention programs, school-based comprehensive health initiatives, adolescent health programs, and pediatric primary care programs.  She also has developed training models to support implementation of innovative school-based initiatives in family living and sexuality education, conflict resolution, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention education. In her current role, Ms. Levine is responsible for devising and implementing a technical assistance system to support a network of national Free To Grow program sites. In all work, she has drawn heavily on her early background in cultural diversity and intergroup relations, ensuring that programs are sensitive to the needs of the diverse populations they serve.

Doug Vaughn
Associate Director

Doug Vaughn currently serves as Associate Director of the National Program Office of Free To Grow: Head Start Partnerships to Promote Substance-free Communities at the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University. Mr. Vaughn has worked extensively as a manager, administrator, and consultant in child welfare; juvenile corrections; and support for families and communities struggling with substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors. During the past decade, his focus has been on developing strategies and tools to assist service providers in working with substance-abusing families and the impact such abuse has on children. Mr. Vaughn also has worked to develop neighborhood residents, often referred to as natural helpers, as resources for families who need the informal and ongoing assistance that formal service providers are unable to provide. He has written family-strengthening training curricula for professional service providers and community residents, and conducted Training of Trainers, developed service delivery models and written resource materials for human service providers.

Michael Sparks
Associate Director

Michael Sparks joins Free To Grow as an Associate Director.  He also consults with the Vallejo Fighting Back Partnership in Vallejo, California, where he works in the areas of alcohol policy and neighborhood revitalization. He was the first Executive Director of the Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems and one of four founders of that organization in 1987. Mr. Sparks has expertise in the alcohol policy field as well as in the areas of community organizing, using local control strategies to manage problematic alcohol and drug environments, the legislative process, neighborhood revitalization and management of nonprofit corporations. He has provided training in the areas of community organizing, alcohol policy, using legislative process to reduce alcohol and other drug problems and leadership development.

George Vasquez
Senior Program Associate

George Vasquez joins Free To Grow as a Senior Program Associate. In addition, he is a Project Coordinator with the Vallejo Fighting Back Partnership in Vallejo, California. His responsibilities at the Partnership include the coordination of training and technical assistance for business owners of on-sale and off-sale alcohol outlets. Mr. Vasquez also works with community coalitions, neighborhood associations and local law enforcement agencies to address the deterioration of neighborhoods due to abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Mr. Vasquez's areas of expertise include relationship building, conflict resolution, community organizing, alcohol awareness education and media advocacy. After 25 years in hotel management, he began to work for non-profit organizations, where he provides training in Spanish about alcohol awareness to owners of small businesses who lacked basic knowledge of the law.

Tamara Cadet
Web Manager

Tamara Cadet is Web Manager for the Free To Grow National Program Office. Before joining Free To Grow, Ms. Cadet was Technical Assistance Manager for Join Together, where she worked with communities to develop and implement comprehensive strategies to address issues associated with substance abuse and gun violence. She was also responsible for disseminating training and technical assistance materials to a number of communities throughout the country on various issues, including bridging the gap between science and practice so that communities can find information useful and helpful. Ms. Cadet has worked as a trainer in substance abuse and pediatric HIV disease issues as well as a substance counselor for women, children and youth.

Thomas Glaser
Administrative Manager

Thomas Glaser is the Administrative Manager for the Free to Grow National Program Office. In this role, he is responsible for administrative, fiscal and operations systems for the 15-site Free to Grow program. This includes, but is not limited to fiscal systems, purchasing, accounts payable, personnel, mail systems, scheduling, filing systems, grants and contracts and general office operations. Prior to coming to Free to Grow, Mr. Glaser held several positions (programmatic and administrative) at the New York City Department of Health. During those years, he gained valuable public health experience in the administration and management of a large disease intervention program.

Kim Norland
Program Assistant

Kim Norland is Program Assistant for the Free To Grow National Program Office. He has more than 20 years experience with not-for-profit agencies in the field of social services, housing provision and the arts. Mr. Norland has also been a volunteer and board member of arts and social organizations both in New York and his hometown, Detroit.

Carmen Chisholm
Administrative Assistant

Carmen Chisholm is an Administrative Assistant for the Free To Grow National Program Office. She is a graduate of Bronx Community College, where she majored in Business education. Ms. Chisholm has been an employee of Columbia University since 1984. She has over 18 years experience as an Executive Secretary and Administrative Assistant. During those years, Ms. Chisholm gained significant expertise in fiscal and office administration of large public health and research programs.

Jennifer Tinguely
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Tinguely is an Administrative Assistant with the Free to Grow National Program Office.  She earned her M.P.H. in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University and her B.A. in Natural Science from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota.  While earning her master's degree, Ms. Tinguely dedicated herself to research on alcohol use and abuse among Native American populations in her home state of South Dakota.  Before joining Free To Grow, she worked for five months on a policy research project at Indian Health Services in Bethesda, MD. 


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Free To Grow is a national program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University.