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NOTE: as of April 17, 2007, the Free to Grow program has closed.
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The Partnership Assessment Tool
Collaboration: General

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> The Partnership Assessment Tool

> Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies

Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies

The Partnership Self-Assessment Tool is a unique resource for partnerships. Unlike most evaluations, which focus on a partnership's programs or goals, the Tool assesses how well a partnership's collaborative process strengthens its ability to achieve those goals. The Tool shows a partnership how well its collaborative process is working and what it can do to make the process work better. In this way, it enables partnership members to get more out of their collective efforts and make more of a difference in their community.

The Tool is free and easy to use.  It is based on rigorous research and extensive piloting and gives partnerships reliable information that can help them deal with many of the challenges they face. To use the Tool, partnership members anonymously fill out a short on-line questionnaire; the system then analyzes the data provided and generates a comprehensive report about the partnership. This report provides the partnership with its own road map for taking corrective action. It shows what the partnership can do to become more responsive to its members and the broader community. In addition, it describes how the partnership can achieve the breakthroughs in thinking and action that are needed to understand and solve the problems it is addressing.

The Tool was developed at the Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health at The New York Academy of Medicine, in partnership with Instructional and Information Systems at the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. This project was made possible through generous support from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

(Excerpted from information in the Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health website, 2002, and used with the permission of the Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health)

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> National Study of Partnership Functioning



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