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NOTE: as of April 17, 2007, the Free to Grow program has closed.
Grantee Profiles

Community Action Project

Organization Name Community Action Project of Tulsa County Free To Grow
State Oklahoma
Program Profile

Community Action Project (CAP) is the primary Head Start program for all of Tulsa County, Oklahoma.  As such, it serves close to 1,500 children ages 0 to 5 and their families.  The target area for CAP's Free To Grow (FTG) project is East Tulsa, a 35 square mile area.  East Tulsa is large and sprawling -- without distinct neighborhoods -- and contains a rapidly growing, low-income Hispanic population.  Nearly 40% of CAP Head Start families in East Tulsa are Hispanic.  FTG staff, including the program director and the alcohol and drug counselor, are bilingual and bicultural to meet the needs of this large Hispanic community.    

CAP Head Start has a long history of delivering services to children and families through partnerships with other organizations in the community.  They have outsourced the family strengthening component of FTG to the Family and Children's Services Agency.  In addition, FTG has piggybacked on the East Tulsa Prevention Coalition -- a pre-existing, community-driven effort to reduce substance abuse among the youth of East Tulsa.  Because CAP Head Start had not previously emphasized substance abuse as an issue, working with the Coalition has allowed FTG to get up and running more quickly.

The rapid growth of substance abuse in Tulsa the rise in the number of methamphetamine labs in particular is a recent phenomenon.  The increase in methamphetamine production, distribution, and abuse has negatively affected almost every system in the community from schools and law enforcement to health care and human service agencies.  Free To Grow's Governance team has pulled together representatives from many of these systems to work in partnership.  Governance team members include Tulsa's deputy chief of police, the principal of a local elementary school, the executive director of Family and Children's Services, the executive director of a drug abuse treatment program, and the director of Tulsa's Safe and Drug-Free Schools program.

For more information, contact Mimi Tarrasch at (918) 560-1366 or via email at; or Caren Squires at (918) 382-3256 or via email at


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